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Cloud 9 Helicopters LLC. - Located at North County General Aviation Airport (F45) NW of West Palm Beach, I've decided to go with Geoff Painter and his Staff as I embark on both an Instrument Rating and time building in the R-44. So far I feel my time and $$$ has been well spent. I recommend them to anyone -> Check out their website!
Ft. Lauderdale Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) 17 - My Local FSDO has lots of safety info for the area, and links to seminars and other useful information! "Who wants to be an Aire-Man?" Our new Safety Seminar Contest!
If you're in in South Florida, you should come by to watch or participate for terrific prizes! I won a headset and Flight Bag myself ...
Rotorwash International - The International Rotary-Wing Community's Favorite Landing Zone for On-Line Helicopter Jobs and Resumes, Flight Safety, and Crew Resource Management (CRM). It also includes a forum and classifieds section.
American Eurocopter - Eurocopter has some of the best flying machines out there, from Military to EMS. Check out their company store too !
AOPA Online - The aircraft Owners and Pilot's Association contains a wealth of pertinant information involving all aspects of General Aviation.
Wing's Pensacola - Need something aviation orientated? Wing's Pensacola is there for you ! Mike & Carol are the nicest people I have ever known, if they don't have it, they can get it or tell you where it is. It doesn't get any better than that! Check them out!
Bell Helicopters - They are the most recognized helicopters in the world. Check out information on the Civilian Tilt-Rotor: The Bell Agusta 609 !
The Aviation Safety Network - The resource center for airliner mishaps and civil aviation safety issues.
Robinson Helicopter Company - Maker of the R22 and R44, The World's Most Popular Helicopters
The Helispot - Alex Caulder's wonderful site for obtaining photos of your favorite heli's, plus a whole lot more!
The National Broadcast Pilots Association - The organization for pilots/crewmembers flying Electronic News Gathering aircraft for television/radio.
AV-Web - The Internet's Aviation Magazine and News Service - Aviation's most-visited Web site with over 118,000 subscribers.
Cessna - From the 152 to the Citation X (The fastest business jet out there) there is always something interesting here.

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AIM Online - Aeronautical Information Manual - The Official Guide to Basic Flight Information and ATC Procedures. Many of the written test questions may come from here.
FAA Pilot / Controller Glossary - A comprehensive listing of terms used by pilots and ATC Controllers. If you want to be professional, you need to use correct terminology when talking with ATC! This is it right here, all laid out.
Wings - Pilot Proficiency Awards Program (AC 61-91H) - The objective of the Wings Program is to provide pilots with the opportunity to establish and participate in a personal recurrent training program. The FAA encourages you to establish a regular recurrent training program and invites you to participate. Remember: Regular proficiency training is essential to the safety of all pilots and their passengers. So get going and earn a set (which can substitute for a BFR!)

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The Aviation Weather Center Homepage - NOAA's Main Aviation Weather site.
The National Weather Service Internet Source - Quick access to METAR's, TAF's, forecasts, watches and warnings.
CWSU Corner - Quick access to current Center Weather Advisory's (CWA's) by center sectors, really great!
Aviation Digital Data Service - A site for grabbing useful information before a flight.

Jedi Nein's CFI Page - Jedi Nein's Flight Instructor Wannabe Page with the 10 steps to becoming a CFI with links to support them, flying information, lesson plans, checklists, advisory circulars, aircraft system information, GPS information, and great pics. A good friend, Bridgette has an extensive site, and very useful!
Demon Bike Website - Brian Teeder's UK website devoted to Helicopters and microlight flying, give it a whirl!
TC's Info and Aviation Site - Tony Carmody's site that covers many aspects of Aviation.
See How It Flies - John S. Denker's excellent online "book" covering all aspects of fixed wing flight and aerodynamics.
Pilot Pal - Studying for your fixed wing Private Pilot's Licence? Take an online practice test here. They just added a secure web-based Logbook too!
Tim's Air Navigation Simulator - Tim Carlson's Java applet for learning NDB, VOR, and ADF. See the aircraft's position relative to the station and the resulting indications. Really spiffy!
ABS Logbook - now you can have a professional online computer logbook accessable from anywhere on the web. Pages are encrypted, do not worry about unauthorized access, works for FAA and JAA pilots. Nice for a backup storage solution as well!
Aircraft Direct.Com - Aircraft-Direct is a free classified ad site for all types of aircraft.

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