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April 9, 2008 - Instrument Instructor (Add-On) Checkride Passed!
I'm very happy with my situation right now, having added the second "I" to my CFI. I originally wanted this to occur earlier this year, however my Mother passed away in December, shortly after I did the instrument rating itself, that plus some maint rescheduling led to it finally being done on this date. So now I have everything I can think of, hmmm .. if I get a break from instructing, perhaps it is time to get the plank versions added on to my tickets ...

December 7, 2007 - Instrument Checkride Passed!
It took long enough, with breaks due to weather, or my schedule, however I'm happy that I have wrapped that up and can now begin to focus on the CFI-I after I decompress this weekend. This was a nice Birthday present to myself as well. Although I know he saw it, I wish my father could have been there. He passed on 11 years ago, and the 7th was his birthday, he would have been 75 ...

November 28, 2007 - I finally got time to go down the the FSDO, so I have my Ground Instructor Rating - Instrument in my pocket!

June 23, 2007 - The Alpha is back in service, and so am I, having not flown approches in 2 months, not to bad a job, most were within PTS tolerances; it could have been much worse after a break like that. Plus I'm spoiled from the clipper with the hydraulics, but that is one reason I like the Alpha: you really have to FLY that puppy!

June 5, 2007 - With tests passed its fly and prep for the checkride, unfortunately the weather has not cooperated for the XC as of yet, and then the instrument ship went down, so I'm spoiling myself in the Clipper with hydraulics and just getting the time up, I'm just over 40 hours in the type now ...

May 30, 2007 - Some milestones achieved - Passed my writtens for Instrument, CFI - Instrument, and the Ground Instructor - Instrument! (Have to find time to take the 8710 and results to the FSDO yet ...)

October 02, 2006: After a year and a half break, I've returned to the cockpit, of the R-44 vice the 22!
I'm having a much better time as I begin attitude instrument flying in prep for my inst rating (and build up time to be insurable in it - killing two birds with one stone).

Sept 22, 2006: Personal News: Samantha is one year old! And so adorable! Now that that has occurred, it's time to get back on track with flying.

June 15, 2006: Volar and Heliflight are no more - gone. As I have not been flying lately for reasons one can email me about, it is no loss for myself, but a shame for the local area.

Sept 22, 2005: Personal News: My baby girl has arrived! I'm so happy !
Introducing Samantha Rose Zeldes, 6Lbs 4oz, 18 1/2 inches long, born at 1815 EST.

Sept 13, 2003: Cleared to begin, The SFAR 73 ride has been completed. It is an eye opener, doing the training on enhanced auto's, low RPM, etc. Some demonstrations show how much more I will need to stay on top of as I start.

Aug 23, 2003: I'm there! CFI Checkride Passed! It only took me 4 years ... I am so happy to be "In the Club!" Now to begin the second journey, the one of actually instructing students ...

July 25, 2003: Well, the June 9th date was rained out, and due to DPE scheduling and a trip I took to Jersey, it's now on for august 16th. It happens ... but hey! I got engaged tonight in the meantime!

May 07, 2003: CFI Checkride date set; 30 days to go, June 07, 2003. I'm in a mental state only known as a "calm panic" ...

May 02, 2003: Nice flight in R-44 to Key West (Had a wonderful time, thanks Guy and Sophie!), expanding my area knowledge, and a great mini-vacation considering what's upcoming ...

Apr 12, 2003: PIC for R-44 attained! Not much in the grand scheme of things, but hey, I'm dual rated now ...

Nov 30, 2002: CFI Knowledge Written Test: PASSED! Clear sailing to the Checkride!

Oct 05, 2002: FOI Written Test: PASSED! One more to go ...


Apr 05, 2002: Chief Pilot Checkout, that went well however there advice is to get another couple flights in before the checkride so the minor bugs can be worked out. But I'm told I'm good to go, should do ok. I plan on trying to take it slow and easy, that will be the key.

Apr 03, 2002: It's Official ... I'm taking my Commercial Heli Checkride on the 14th! I have to study now to stay ready for my oral.

Jul 21, 2001: Well, a second round on the "Aire-Man" show, made it up to the 250,000 Question, went for it, but missed. I left again with 32,000 points and a nice Jepps flight bag with two headset holders! I wish I had the Garmin 295 Portable GPS though! One of these days ...
Click here to see that session.
I am also a new Aviation Safety Counselor with the Ft. Lauderdale FSDO, something I take very seriously.

Feb 17, 2001: I was on FLL FSDO's contest "Who Wants To Be An Aire-Man?"
How did I do? Click for the Miami Herald article. Then Click to see my pic taken later on.

Jan 12, 2001: FAA Commercial Written Exam Passed! Yessss! (Now I just need to fly until I'm ready for the practical).

It's been said that I wanted to be involved in aviation since the age of 2,where the first documented photo showed me pointing to the sky and saying "Jet!" I'll be turning 43 this year.

After a successful SAR career in the United States Navy, in which I was exposed to a variety of Naval Helicopter and Fixed Wing Platforms (H-57, H-3, UH-1N, CH-53E, EC-130Q, UH-60, HH-65),I returned to the states to continue my flight training.

Currently I'm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. USA, where I'm working now on my Instrument rating and CFI-I.
Paying the bills to accomplish this, I'm fairly as good with computers as I am flying heli's, the website began as part of being able to support our web hosting customers where I work. I enjoy basic web design, nothing fancy, my sites usuallyload quickly and stay consistant. In short: I like my sites!

When not actively flying or working on a website/computer, I like to pursue another avenue of aviation: Radio Controlled Modeling.
I currently have a LearJet 40, a Tsunami, and a Concept 30 Helicopter. I fly them on my days off (weather permitting) at Markham Park, a state park which happens to have one of the best laid out model fields with a 770X50' asphault runway.

I also like the beach life, and the other activities available in our area.

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