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Cloud 9 Helicopters LLC. - Located at North County General Aviation Airport (F45) NW of West Palm Beach -> Check out their website!
Ft. Lauderdale Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) 17
Rotorwash International - The International Rotary-Wing Community's Favorite Landing Zone for On-Line Helicopter Jobs and Resumes, Flight Safety, and Crew Resource Management (CRM). It also includes a forum and classifieds section.
American Eurocopter - Eurocopter has some of the best flying machines out there, from Military to EMS. Check out their company store too !
AOPA Online - The aircraft Owners and Pilot's Association contains a wealth of pertinant information involving all aspects of General Aviation.
Wing's Pensacola - Need something aviation orientated? Wing's Pensacola is there for you ! Mike & Carol are the nicest people I have ever known, if they don't have it, they can get it or tell you where it is. It doesn't get any better than that! Check them out!
Bell Helicopters - They are the most recognized helicopters in the world.
The Aviation Safety Network - The resource center for airliner mishaps and civil aviation safety issues.
Robinson Helicopter Company - Maker of the R22 and R44, The World's Most Popular Helicopters.
The Helispot - Alex Caulder's wonderful site for obtaining photos of your favorite heli's, plus a whole lot more!
The National Broadcast Pilots Association - The organization for pilots/crewmembers flying Electronic News Gathering aircraft for television/radio.
AV-Web - The Internet's Aviation Magazine and News Service - Aviation's most-visited Web site with over 118,000 subscribers.
Cessna - From the 152 to the Citation X.

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AIM Online - Aeronautical Information Manual - The Official Guide to Basic Flight Information and ATC Procedures. Many of the written test questions may come from here.
FAA Pilot / Controller Glossary - A comprehensive listing of terms used by pilots and ATC Controllers. If you want to be professional, you need to use correct terminology when talking with ATC!
Wings - Pilot Proficiency Awards Program (AC 61-91H) - The objective of the Wings Program is to provide pilots with the opportunity to establish and participate in a personal recurrent training program. The FAA encourages you to establish a regular recurrent training program and invites you to participate. Remember: Regular proficiency training is essential to the safety of all pilots and their passengers. So get going and earn a set (which can substitute for a BFR!)

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The Aviation Weather Center Homepage - NOAA's Main Aviation Weather site.
The National Weather Service Internet Source - Quick access to METAR's, TAF's, forecasts, watches and warnings.
CWSU Corner - Quick access to current Center Weather Advisory's (CWA's) by center sectors, really great!
Aviation Digital Data Service - A site for grabbing useful information before a flight.

Jedi Nein's CFI Page - Jedi Nein's Flight Instructor Wannabe Page with the 10 steps to becoming a CFI with links to support them, flying information, lesson plans, checklists, advisory circulars, aircraft system information, GPS information, and great pics. A good friend, Bridgette has an extensive site, and very useful!
Demon Bike Website - Brian Teeder's UK website devoted to Helicopters and microlight flying, give it a whirl!
TC's Info and Aviation Site - Tony Carmody's site that covers many aspects of Aviation.
See How It Flies - John S. Denker's excellent online "book" covering all aspects of fixed wing flight and aerodynamics.
Pilot Pal - Studying for your fixed wing Private Pilot's Licence? Take an online practice test here. They just added a secure web-based Logbook too!
Tim's Air Navigation Simulator - Tim Carlson's Java applet for learning NDB, VOR, and ADF. See the aircraft's position relative to the station and the resulting indications. Really spiffy!
ABS Logbook - now you can have a professional online computer logbook accessable from anywhere on the web. Pages are encrypted, do not worry about unauthorized access, works for FAA and JAA pilots. Nice for a backup storage solution as well!
Aircraft Direct.Com - Aircraft-Direct is a free classified ad site for all types of aircraft.

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